Arish Institute of Technology has begun its professional activities based on several years of experience and scientific expertise of its specialists.

Overall activity of the institute is focused on design, maintenance, consultancy in the field of information and communication technology, field studies in the field of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism, identifying and classifying cultural property, scientific documentation of cultural documents and preparation of related books, creating the academic communication context, data optimization operations using new technologies, holding scientific and cultural conferences, participation in bidding and tenders, and awarding agencies and has so far been able to offer its specialized services to a wide range of governmental and private companies.

Arish Institute of Technology has always tried to offer its extensive services in a way that the institution clients get the best possible results with regard to the services provided and have continued cooperation with this institution.

Ongoing and proper support has been one of the issues that the personnel of this institute have always considered and been able to timely respond to the problems and needs of service recipients.

This experience of this lesson has taught us that primary research, goal setting, and proper and timely service can bring about the best results.